NEW Sized Dorothy Hostess Dress Liberty of London Cotton Lawn Tresco


“I always put in one controversial item. It makes people talk.” – Dorthy Draper

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We changed the fit of our bestseller ever so slightly, just in the shoulder, so we could size it to fit a variety of frames, but kept all the details you love- beautiful back collar detailing, hidden placket button front, concealed pockets and an adjustable sash!

• Made in the USA.

How to tell if you have a short, balanced, or long waist:

Stand up straight and place two hands on the flat part of your stomach, under you bust, directly below your heart. If you can fit both hands on the top of the other between your bust and your belly button you have a balanced waist, less than two you have a short waist, more than two you have a long waist!

How to tie the sash:

Place the middle of the sash on the back center of your waist. Wrap the ends around your waist, cross them in front of you, bringing the sash to your back and wrap around once again, returning to the front, to firmly knot. If you are short waisted, fold the sash in half lengthwise then follow steps above. If you are fuller figured, it is best to fold the sash in half lengthwise and start with it centered in front of your waist.

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